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A New Day for High Speed - High Security Alarm Monitoring.

For over a century the World's Communications relied on Landline telephone from providers of well engineered systems from companies like Western Electric, Bell Telephone Company, Western Union and American Telephone and Telegraph. Hardware made by these companies has now been proven to be superior in durability and sound quality to the point that they are sought after by collectors to demonstrate the Hallmark of American Quality.

Things have changed, Today the communication companies are less and less able to offer a reliable product and when there are issues with the service, they seem to be unable to repair it in a suitable fashion. Whether it be aging infrastructure or the most modern of technology we are now forced to accept service interruptions and poor audibility as the norm for our voice communications. Companies that once offered created and operated a perfect voice communications product now want to be in the Television business. Television companies want to be in the telephone business. During this pursuit of being all things to all people the operators of these networks have lost sight of the standards of quality. Standard approach to delivering communications that would assure things to be compatible with each other so the message gets through. Standards are methods that dictate how things are to be done to assure all devices which interconnect marry well and work in unison. Communication components built into alarm hardware is constructed to be compatible to these standards. Legacy companies are less willing to maintain aging infrastructure and newcomers are not willing to learn the standard conventions that have been in place for 100 years. Software generated telephone service intended for voice traffic suffers when presented with a need to provide machine to machine communications. While Internet communication might offer an option, it also offers its own compromises. Both internet communications and software generated dial tone service are unable to offer reliable telephone service during periods of power failure. With-out regard to what the marketing efforts tout, we all know that broadband suffers from slowdowns and bottlenecks. So where do we turn for reliable alarm data communications? The cellular companies offered an option that is plagued with overage fees and built in obsolesce.. 2G-3G-4G-LTE... your hardware is no good anymore - Buy Again.  Cellular service has become so popular for alarm communications it is the second thing attacked before the break-in occurs. First cut the phone and cable lines and then turn on the cellular jammer.

All of this mix up of evolution has made it very difficult to have faith in evolving technology when it is needed to be there for your emergency communications. Now these same companies , many who are unable to maintain the industries and networks they have created, want to offer you security and they bring all the weak links with them.

And to make matters worse the security companies have forgotten about security and simply overlook the MOST CRITICAL element needed for security, The Communication Link. They simply hook it up to your phone line or install a cellular communicator and say the Critical Communication Link is not our product. In terms of Security this is a mortal sin.

Did your Security Company Mention that you are not secure?

What happens if you call for help - and no one hears you?

For more than 10 years the operators of NetCon5 have evaluated all available options in pursuit of a durable and reliable method for Emergency Alarm Communication Data.  Along the way we have disconnected and thrown away digital communication products, Internet communication products, cellular communication and other solutions. The most durable solution was found in a patented technology developed for demanding military communications. The technology was born of the need for an uninterrupted reliable and rapid communication path. This need was answered by the creation of the mesh network. Mesh networks provide multiple paths for data and are not subject to interruption due to failure of a single point like land-based and cellular based services. By application to the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau a license was issued to the operators of NetCon5 to construct a Narrow-band High speed - High security data network based on the Military technology. The Narrow-band technology provides for one function, one purpose, one task. Unburdened by the need for broadband to be all things to all people, but unable to accomplish all of it well. The Narrow-band service of NetCon5 provides one critical need - Rapid Emergency Communication.

When you get serious about Security get - NetCon5 - Nothing is Faster - Nothing is more Secure.  Can't be cut. Won't be tampered.

Patented Proven Technology

When NetCon5 Technology is Available

Everything Else is Obsolete.

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When Nano Seconds Count...

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NetCon5 technology creates the fastest

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