High Speed, High Security Wireless Alarm Data Network


Why you need High Speed - High Security Alarm Data Monitoring

Noted from Installation ticket of November 17, 2013.

Optimum wants you to confirm that that your alarm is in good working order?

Was it in good working order Before the installation of Optimum Voice?

Please note that "You are responsible for any additional work required to ensure the proper operation of your system and its functions".   This includes the cost of having telephone lines re-installed so your alarm can communicate properly.

What works today may not work tomorrow. Changes in communication technology and infrastructure change-outs not related to your alarm system can create costly conflicts. 

Why buy Alarm Data Transport Service from a company that does not know if it works? 

NetCon5 is a secure narrow-band dedication truly Optimized for alarm Data transfer and is unaffected by changes in technology and network infrastructure.

Get Alarm Data Transport service from an alarm company.


Optimum, Optimum Voice are registered Service-marks and Trademarks of CSC Holdings INC.

Patented Proven Technology

When NetCon5 Technology is Available

Everything Else is Obsolete.

Nothing is more Secure than NetCon5


When Nano Seconds Count...

Nothing travels faster than NetCon5 alarm Data

NetCon5 technology creates the fastest

and most secure data network


Proven - Faster - Less Expensive

NetCon5 can save up to 30% on your

Fire Alarm Monitoring


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