High Speed, High Security Wireless Alarm Data Network


High Speed, High Security Wireless Alarm Communications to meet the demands of todays world.

The NetCon5 High Security Dispatch Station is the Most Modern & Most Advanced Facility in the USA.

Your Life Safety is 100% about Communications.

Is it Security if you call for help and No One hears you?

A Fire Alarm system is only as good as its Dispatch Station.

The NetCon5 High Security Dispatch Station is staffed with over 100 highly trained, background surveyed Dispatch Operators. 

The NetCon 5 Security Dispatch Station is UL Listed, CSAA Five Diamond Certified and FDNY Approved.

Alarm Receiving Equipment

  • All Alarm Data is Received by fully redundant Surgard System III receivers with MultiNet.


  • Three national service providers, AT&T, PaeTec and LightPath, providing triple redundancy with automatic failover features
  • Ten T-1 circuits allow over 1,900 simultaneous telephone conversations.
  • T-1 Circuits are delivered from two different local carriers.
  • Supplemented  cellular communication via Verizon Wireless.

Computer Networks

  • Fully redundant high-capacity gigabit Cisco and HP hubs, switches and routers
  • Fully Redundant Dell servers with RAID mirroring power our industry-leading Alarm Monitoring Software.
  • All data is backed-up on site and  to a secure off-site facility
  • 24/7/365 Support by certified vendors and in house Cisco Certified IT staff.

Phone Systems

  • Fully Redundant Avaya S8720 Servers with dual power supplies
  • Redundant Adtran Atlas 550
  • All calls recorded.

Utilities & Backup Power

  • 10,000 Ampere Utility Service feeds
  • 1.3  Million Watts of on Site Caterpiller Power Plant. 
  • Best Ferrups UPS

Facility Security

  • A Securely Fortified Facility with Pentagon Grade Facility Security Technology
  • Video Surveillance systems to fully survey both the exterior and interior of the facility
  • All Facility Activities are recorded and archived to secure off site data vaults.
  • All interior and exterior entrances access controlled
  • Highly Secure Areas Fortified with Mantraps.

UL Listed CSAA Five Diamond Certified FDNY Approved

Patented Proven Technology

When NetCon5 Technology is Available

Everything Else is Obsolete.

Nothing is more Secure than NetCon5


When Nano Seconds Count...

Nothing travels faster than NetCon5 alarm Data

NetCon5 technology creates the fastest

and most secure data network


Proven - Faster - Less Expensive

NetCon5 can save up to 30% on your

Fire Alarm Monitoring


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