High Speed, High Security Wireless Alarm Data Network


The High Speed - High Security,  NetCon5 NJ Wireless Net  is the technology of today for critical alarm data transmission.

The High Speed - High Security,  Netcon5 NJ wireless Net is a patented technology that provides multiple paths for Critical Emergency Data transfer.

The High Security NetCon5 NJ Net is a dedicated allocation radio alarm communications network.  A Patented Technology that has been tested for reliability to the highest standards, earning UL listings and NFPA compliance for both high security military and commercial applications.

The NetCon5 NJ Net offers Multiple paths to provide redundancy to make sure all Critical Alarm Data gets through to the Security Dispatch Center.

There is never a single point of failure with High Security NetCon5 NJ because multiple paths are always available.

The self-healing feature of the Ultra High Frequency Net allows all installed units to intuitively know when and where paths are realigned to get Critical Alarm Data transmitted.

Self-routing, 2-way communication allows the ‘Smart’ High Speed Router Terminals to find the fastest route to the Security Dispatch Center.

NetCon5 NJ alarm products use narrowband technology and serves the Fire, Security, Industrial and Municipal Data market.



Patented Proven Technology

When NetCon5 Technology is Available

Everything Else is Obsolete.

Nothing is more Secure than NetCon5


When Nano Seconds Count...

Nothing travels faster than NetCon5 alarm Data

NetCon5 technology creates the fastest

and most secure data network


Proven - Faster - Less Expensive

NetCon5 can save up to 30% on your

Fire Alarm Monitoring


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