High Speed, High Security Wireless Alarm Data Network


Nothing Can Match a NetCon5 High Speed - High Security Alarm Monitoring Network


Q) My alarm has a cellular BACK-UP so I am secure, Right?

A) While Dual Path Technology is might seem more secure than a simple single Land based link, the unfortunate truth is that you have  2 vulnerable technologies, each suffering its own potential single point of failure. A cell jammer will turn off your BACK UP cellular communicator like a light switch. That  is the easy effortless part and then a simple wire cutter will disable the cable/telephone wire.  The NetCon5 Router terminal cannot be cut and cannot be jammed by a cellular jammer. The NetCon5 router terminal will instantly and simultaneously connect to multiple net points to provide the  highest level of Emergency Alarm Data security. 

Q)  Do I need a land line at my site for NetCon5 Service?

A)  No. You do not need any other communication service to use High Security NetCon5.

Q)  Do I need Internet Service for NetCon5 Service?                                

A)  No. High Security NetCon5 is an independent High Speed Wireless communication Service and requires no internet provision.

Q)  Will NetCon5 work if my phone or cable lines are cut?

A)  As a High Security wireless communication network NetCon5 is immune to line failure issues.

Q)  Will NetCon5 work with my VoIP telephone service?                                                                                                                                          

A)   NetCon5 operates on its own high speed wireless data network and is not influenced by VoIP in any manner.

Q)  Will NetCon5 work with my DSL service?

A)  NetCon5 operates on its own high speed wireless data network and is not affected by DSL service.

Q)  Does NetCon5 service need a port open in my Router?

A)  No. The High Security NetCon5 Net operates on its own High Speed Wireless Router network and does not interfere with any of your existing infrastructure

Q)  Can NetCon5 be jammed by a Cellular Signal or GSM jammer?                                                                                                                                   

A)   No. High Security NetCon5 is unaffected by Cellular Jamming devices.

Q)  Is NetCon5 available in my neighborhood?

A)  Very Likely yes, if you are in Central New Jersey. Unfortunately, High Security NetCon5 is not available in all areas.   Network construction and expansion is underway and our High Speed network service area is growing daily.           Please contact us to see if NetCon5 is available your area.

Q)  Will NetCon5 work with my existing alarm control panel?                                                                                                                                

A)  High Security NetCon5 can be interfaced with most modern alarm control panels.

Q)  Why is the Superfast service of NetCon5 important?

A)  High Security NetCon5 was developed for critical Military Life Safety Communications and demanding High Speed Fire Alarm service. A fire can double in size in under 30 seconds and nano-seconds count. 

Q)  Can I use NetCon5 for my Burglar Alarm?

A)  This high speed wireless data network can be used for burglar alarm service as well as the critical Military and Fire Alarm service it has been created for.

Q)  How fast is NetCon5?

A)  The simple answer is "669,000,000 miles per hour". Emergency alarm data from your site is handed from your site to the first receiver router in as little as 200 milliseconds. Transmission to the nearest central concentrator is accomplished in as little as of a second.  A comparable land-line data link can be as long as 30 to 45 seconds. NetCon5 is as much as 100 times faster than other technologies. This is faster the Smash and Trash break in where a burglar might have time to destroy the alarm panel before communication is complete.

Q)  Is NetCon5 Expensive?

A) The advantage of NetCon5 is the same cost or less than others charge for less effective technologies. NetCon5 has no additional fees. There are no additional costs for maintaining inside wiring or cost for repairs and hardware upgrades like with Land-line and Cellular services.

Q)  What if I have a contract with my current company?

A)  A NetCon5 data router can be connected to an alarm panel which you own and is not under contract by another vendor. If you have a contract you may have made certain agreements dictating specific cancellation requirements. NetCon5 will not replace your current technology if you have a current contract obligation. Certain Discounts may be available if you elect to supplement your existing technology with NetCon5 technology.  

NetCon5 is available in New Jersey exclusively from Communication Laboratories L.L.C.




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