High Speed, High Security Wireless Alarm Data Network


Initial Network Construction Now offers High Speed, High Security NetCon5 NJ Service to areas of Middlesex County New Jersey.I

In addition to Middlesex County, Service is available in Northern areas of Mercer Counties and portions of Union, Monmouth and Somerset Counties.

Phase II Expansion.

Licenses have been secured to allow expansion into All of Union, Hudson and Essex Counties with Portions of Morris County.

Future Expansion.

Network Engineering is presently in progress to allow net coverage to all of Mercer and Monmouth counties with portions of Ocean, Burlington and Bucks County PA.

Please contact us to confirm if High Security NetCon5 NJ Net Service is available in your neighborhood.

In co-operation with our partner providers, we offer VHF-UHF and Super High Frequency Wireless Service in all areas.


Patented Proven Technology

When NetCon5 Technology is Available

Everything Else is Obsolete.

Nothing is more Secure than NetCon5


When Nano Seconds Count...

Nothing travels faster than NetCon5 alarm Data

NetCon5 technology creates the fastest

and most secure data network


Proven - Faster - Less Expensive

NetCon5 can save up to 30% on your

Fire Alarm Monitoring


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