High Speed, High Security Wireless Alarm Data Network


Is My Emergency Alarm Monitoring Data Secure?

What makes my alarm less secure than the NetCon5 High Speed - High Security alarm data network?

If your Emergency Alarm Data communications relies on a Telephone landline provided by the telephone utility, you are vulnerable to tampering and infrastructure failures.

If you use a VoIP landline provided by a cable company or a VoIP vendor your Emergency Alarm Data is vulnerable to tampering and infrastructure and overcrowded broadband services.

If you have a primary or secondary cellular alarm transmitter for alarm data, your Emergency Alarm Data is vulnerable to jamming and infrastructure failures and over burdened cellular networks during a State of Emergency.

If you use an Internet Protocol transmitter, your Emergency Alarm Data is vulnerable to tampering, lack of proper back up power,  infrastructure failures and overcrowded broadband services.


Internet modems and Emergency Alarm Data fails when your cable/DSL service fails.

Telephone service fails and Emergency Alarm Data fails when lines are down.

Cellular tower sites  and Emergency Alarm Data fails during periods of natural disaster.

Cable, DSL, Landline Telephone, Cellular Service are all subject to tampering.

Cellular networks quickly become overburdened during periods of disaster.

The weakness of the telephone wire, the cable line and the cellular tower is the single vulnerable point in the path of Emergency Alarm Data. 

One cable cut, one telephone pole down, one flooded cellular site and the ability to communicate emergency alarm data is lost.


The durability of the NetCon5 NJ net is due to 100% redundancy of every component, every need and every task.

All functions operate as in place redundancy offering multiple paths of high speed narrow band data flow to deny potential interruption due to a single failure.

Every wire is no less than two wires. Every link is no less than two links. Every concentrator is no less than two concentrators. Every Computer is no less than two computers. Every power plant is no less than two power plants.     

From the moment Emergency Alarm Data is transmitted from the NetCon5 Router terminal at your location until nearly instantly being handled by the trained dispatch operator in the NetCon5 Emergency Data Dispatch Center. Your data  is never at jeopardy due to a single point of failure.


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Everything Else is Obsolete.

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Nothing travels faster than NetCon5 alarm Data

NetCon5 technology creates the fastest

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